Pooja Lal

Cash on Delivery launched!

Posted by Pooja Lal on at

Placing an order for a gift delivery in India just got easier and super quick!

We understand that there are customers in India who are not comfortable in giving their payment information online… there are also customers who are worried if they pay and the gift is not delivered at all…. and there are also those customers who may not have a debit or credit card to use online at all..

For all these customers in India we have launched a ‘Cash on Delivery’ service. The only difference between our service and those available on other e-commerce sites is that we will not collect the cash from the gift recipient! ;)

If you are placing an order for delivery at your own address then we can collect the payment from you directly. This works well if you would like to hand over the gift personally to the gift recipient.

If you are placing an order for delivery at the recipient’s address, then we will first collect the payment from your address and then send the shipment to the recipient.

Very simple. Very convenient. Very quick.

For our customers overseas we accept all international credit cards!

So if you’ve been holding back for any reason, go on and buy your gift today! Think of us for all unique gift ideas or if you want to send gifts to India.