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Countdown to the fabulous Valentine’s treasure….!!

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The Delight Gifts team is working tirelessly to ensure that the Treasure hunt event is successful and all the participants have a great time! Clues are being printed…. our team is preparing well … Prizes are all sorted and of course the media has been invited!

We hope Saturday Feb 8th 2014 will be a day to remember!

The lucky couples have been contacted via email! So if you are one of the lucky ones please check your email and reply asap!

Well love is certainly in the air!

Here are some lovely quotes from couples who registered on how they met & why they love each other…

“They remember the day”Jab We Met”
And love each other till yet
For them,the time has flown “Ek Dum”
With always khushi never ghum
On one year of their graceful marriage sath,
We hold this beautiful couple to move on
hundred years path….!!!!!!”

“Becoz  she understands my moods better than I do myself , we met thru the newspaper !!!”

“I met him on a matrimony website but it was live at the first conversation itself. We loved each others voice on the phone and got hooked to each other that very moment. We had decided to get married even though we had not seen each other. I love him because he is exactly what I wanted in my spouse – confident, intelligent, smart and passionate.”

“I met my husband through a phone call. He had dialed the wrong number but became the right person in my life, only for me.”

“We met on the internet and there after it has been a roller-coaster ride….she is a child woman and thats what I love about her. “

“Ok, so its a tough answer when my wife is reading the same….so I need to be bit careful, otherwise wont be getting dinner tonight.”

“!!! Hmmmm !!!! Y i lov my partner??? Really, tough one, Actually i dont know y i lov him, i lov him to d xtnd of madness 💑”

“ I met my wife in temple. I love her becoz of her sweetness n cuteness.”

“The most famous adventure sport is arrange marriage, I had that experience.”

We wish all the couples who registered a wonderful life together…. Happy Valentine’s Day!