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Delight Gifts Valentine’s Treasure Hunt – what an event!!

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For those who missed it, you missed quite a day! Here are the details, read and enjoy!!
The couples celebrated a day together doing things they wouldn’t normally do and had probably never tried before! The challenges and activities gave them an insight into the kinds of experiences available on www.delightgifts.in and for our readers too! So if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14th Feb in a way you and your partner will always remember, call our Gift Concierge service and let us plan it for you! Try an experience, create a memory….
9.30 am start at Zorba the Buddha with tea & introductions – this was the perfect setting to start off a treasure hunt challenge and all the couples enjoyed a stroll around the farm house to admire its beauty and peace. The teams were all given a sling bag with water, a map of Delhi, a notepad & pen and their individual Team cards! After each challenge they had to have their team cards stamped. Before heading out all teams were also given snack boxes by Angels in my Kitchen to keep them going through the day!
1st challenge was a poster challenge by Jim’s Jungle Retreat. The poster was a beautiful collage of all the animals found in the forest. It was like a puzzle and the couple teams needed to find the fish in the puzzle. Those who found the fish first were given the first clue.
Delight Gifts Yoga experience

Lets start the challenge with a warm up stretch
Find a Yogi nearby who will make you sweat
Go around and find some ducks
For this activity we wish you luck!

This clue took them to a yoga challenge near the duck pond at Zorba the Buddha. Here they had to pose in two different aasanas after demonstrated by the yoga instructors. It was fun to watch the couples trying to do these aasans!

Delight Gifts Photo Studio experienceStrike a pose in the sun and have some super awesome fun
So rhyme the name with the BJP guy
and head to a garden that has plants bonsai

This clue led them to Lodi garden where they were invited by professional photographers at the Giggles Photo Studio. The activity was to choose from some different fun props to wear and get some couple photographs taken. All couples were given the photographs in a frame to keep as a memory.

Try some magic on her feet Delight Gifts spa experience
Relax where the fountains meet
In a market on both sides of the road
With a compass direction in its name
And has branded shops of international fame!

This clue led them to Four Fountain Spa at South Ex where they had to do something very romantic! The guy had to give the girl a foot massage! This was a first for some and all the ladies surely enjoyed the few minutes of sheer relaxation!
Delight Gifts self defense experienceNow its time to kick some butt
Learn to defend and attack
At a location named after a man of fame
Whose great grandson can’t play the political game!This clue led them to a couple of spots before they actually got to Nehru Park!! Some went to Nehru Stadium and others to Nehru Place! Sorry about that guys! Here they learnt some self defense tips by the team at Endzone. Definitely a must-know in these times!

Get ready to move to the beatDelight Gifts salsa dancing experience
Where all the Bengalis in the city meet
Is it a dip or is it a dance
Shake a leg to rekindle romance!

This clue led them to CR Park for some fun salsa dancing at the Salsa India dance studio! Here all the couple teams got to shake a leg and learn a couple of cool dance moves!

Pottery experience at TajGo on a drive to a far away place
Its name is made up of sun & pond
Find a resort by a well known name
and mould a pot to win the game!

The final challenge was a pottery experience at the Folk Studio at Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund. Tapping into their creativity each person had to sit at the pottery wheel and learn how to make a cup or matka by two national award winning potters!
The race ended by 4 pm and was followed by refreshments until all the couples made their way in. The final activity of the day was a fun one to destress and relax at the end of a very tough day! All the couples enjoyed a Cockail making class at the courtyard courtesy Absolut & Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund! Once they were given a few tips the couples made cocktails for each other and also enjoyed some scrumptious snacks.
It was a close race with teams competing hard with each other! Also, each time a team called the Delight Gifts Helpline for further clues, time was added to their final time score! So, nobody knew who was actually going to win the race!  The top three winning teams won several wonderful prizes.
The first prize, won by Monika and Neerad Gupta, was a one night stay at Vivanta by Taj Surajkund, a couple’s hot air balloon experience by Sky Waltz, a salsa dancing session for two by Salsa India, a couple’s photo session by Giggles Photography, golf lessons for two by Romit Bose Golf School, a couple’s massage by Four Fountain Spa and a INR 5000 Delight Gifts Certificate which could be redeemed for any experience on the website.
The second prize won by Jyoti and Premal Watchmaker, was a weekend stay at Jim’s Jungle Retreat, a paramotoring experience for a couple by Fly Boy, a dining experience at Oasis, Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund and a INR 4000 Delight Gifts certificate.
The third prize won by Kunal and Samiksha Varma, was a weekend stay at Svasara Resort, Tadoba, a choice of bunjee jumps for a couple by Jumpin Heights, a dining experience at Paranda, Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund and a INR 3000 Delight Gifts certificate.
All teams also received a goody bag with a personalised coffee table book with images of the couple enjoying each challenge during the treasure hunt, a personalised video mash up of all the activities of the day and INR 2000 Delight Gifts certificate which can be redeemed for any of the hundreds of experiences available on www.delightgifts.in
Finally the evening ended with the cutting of a beautiful heart shaped chocolate truffle cake which was enjoyed by everybody!
So all in all, it was a superb day and all the participants enjoyed themselves thoroughly! You can purchase any of these experiences on our website for Valentine’s day gifts!
Watch this space for the next race organised by the team at DelightGifts.in!