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Putting out fires…. one mad issue at a time!

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It’s been a while since I blogged last but setting up a new office and dealing with Nanny changes all at once is a hard task. Here is what I have been dealing with the last couple of weeks!

New Office:

Like I mentioned in my earlier blog, I found my dream office… well the dream office comes with a few not so dreamy issues! No power back up! Great! Now apart from the 20,000 things I already had on my to-do list I have to add

Reminding myself of the worst case scenario!

Reminding myself of the worst case scenario!

(1)    Buy A/C – with any major purchase my husband insists we get quotes from at least 3 different vendors. Seriously I feel like the procurement department in a large company! So I did my research on the different types of A/Cs, I looked through Flipkart and other sites and also went to 3 different stores across Gurgaon and ensured that I asked things like “Is this 2 star or 3 star?” and “can you give the stabilizer free?” Finally I was confident of my choice and I bought a beautiful (yes for a woman everything must be beautiful!) 1.5 tonne, 2 star, 3 filter LG Split A/c with the stabilizer. Phew!

(2)    Install A/C – once the a/c was delivered they said they would send the installation guy at 11am that day. At 11 am they said they would send the installation guy at 3pm that day. At 3pm they said it is raining and the installation guy will be late. At 5pm, after several phone calls and shouting sessions, the guy turns up. The guy tells me it will take 1 hour to install. Great, no problem. At 7.30pm the installation is still going on, I have lost my patience, there is no electricity, the guy is using my phone torch to install the A/C, it is raining outside and most importantly I am starving. So I call my husband to pick me up and ask the guy to leave at once. He leaves with the promise of returning at 10.30am the next morning to finish the job. Let’s just say, he didn’t ever turn up and I had someone else finish the installation the following afternoon. Any guesses on how many times I counted 1-10 in my mind to keep myself cool? Before the LG guy left I did get him to put a couple of nails in the wall to hang my paintings up ;) hey, it’s the least they could do!

(3)    Buy Invertor or Generator – now I have a fan and an a/c in my office! But hey, this is Gurgaon, the electricity goes for anywhere between 2 and 4 hours a day. So this time I delegated the job of research on the power back up to my able assistant, my driver. Soon, over the next few days we will have the back-up installed and I should be good to go in terms of using my new office!

(4)    Get lighting installed – my cheap landlord insists that if I want the yellow colour tube-lights which cost all of Rs. 75 I have to purchase them myself. Fine. Thanks for your help. So I send my driver to get the lights sorted.

(5)    Phone connection – how could I forget that before I move in I would need my internet connection installed! Anyway, I go online and submit a request to Airtel to have someone call me about a landline and broadband connection. Why did I think that I would actually get a call? Finally I get through to someone at Airtel and he takes my details. One hour later I get a call from a Mr. Pankaj about my request, he sends me a sms with the docs I need to submit and promised to send someone the next day to pick them up. I get all the docs ready and when the guy shows up he tells me “Madam this also needs to be photocopied”. Hello! I don’t have a photocopier in my office, this is not Amex!!!! Duh! So I send my driver/assistant to get the photocopying done. He comes back with the papers and the Airtel chap then says “Can we also have a photocopy of this”. Geez! Are these people intentionally put in my lives to test my patience I wonder? Anyway, all forms and docs are now submitted and my new phone connection will be ready in 3 days. Fingers and toes crossed.

(6)    Furniture – I have a desk and chair for myself but what about my first new employee who starts on May 8th? (NS, if you’re reading this, please come on time!!) So the search is on for some reasonable office furniture.  I often go around my house looking for odd pieces I could use in my office! ;)



Behind every great man is a woman. Behind every great woman is a damn good Nanny! My Nanny aka Angel is actually an angel in our lives. She came 2 years ago and took over looking after Simran and other things around the house with such ease. I trust her and like her as a person too. Over the 2 years she has become a friend and it’s a real pity she is leaving. She is getting married and moving back to Shillong. And I have been in depression ever since she told me.

Where is my Mary Poppins?!!

So I put the word out that we need a replacement… I told EVERYONE – family, friends, Facebook, other maids, cooks, servants, drivers, building security guards, dhobi, supermarket guy, milk delivery guy, vegetable shop guy, school teacher, school security guard, agencies and even my pedicurist! And here is what we got:

(1)    Little girls not more than 15 years old who should be in school themselves.

(2)    Very old women who barely have energy to walk let alone look after a super hyper 3 year old!

(3)    Maids who do not have any references and point blank refuse to share details of past employers.

(4)    Maids who have had a history of theft in their earlier homes.

This is not going well. I am struggling and I need another angel. God, are you listening?


So all in all, it has been a WONDERFUL few weeks and I say bring it on! Putting out fires is now second nature.

In between all the office set up and nanny issues I have also been trying to figure out how to keep my child engaged during her school holidays, how to seek VC funding to kick start my business and organising my bank accounts. No wonder I’m snoring my 9.30pm every night!

But here’s the icing on the cake……….. My darling husband comes home from work and has the nerve to ask me “So how many Delight Gifts partners did you sign up today?”