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Going the extra mile for gift delivery…. literally!

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From day one I’ve wanted to create a business which offers the best service to customers. We created a Gift Concierge service to help customers purchase the perfect gift and also to ensure that the recipient of the gift has no inconveniences at all. We have gone out of our way to keep our promise and the result has always been happy customers which makes it all worthwhile!

Here are some examples :)

Our customer from Australia wanted to send her sister a luxurious spa experience for her birthday which fell on a Sunday. So we checked with several courier companies for Sunday delivery and to our dismay most said they don’t; the ones which did, would not deliver in the outskirts of Noida. I was determined to have this gift delivered on the birthday. So I called my driver in on that Sunday, took along a good book, my ipad and favourite music and off we went. It probably cost us more than what we made on that order but the gift sender was thrilled and that was exactly what we wanted. Happy Customer, tick.

Another customer also from Australia, sent her friend an experience at a salon. We made the booking for the friend when she wanted to go and later asked her for her feedback. Unfortunately her feedback was not very good as the salon was very busy that day and she didn’t get the attention and service she was expecting. We take feedback very seriously. So I spoke to our salon partner and they apologized for what happened. What’s more, they gave the young lady a complimentary service at the salon of a higher value. She was very glad we took action after her feedback. Happy Customer, tick.

Our customer from the US wanted to send his father a birthday gift for his 73rd birthday in Mumbai. We chatted with the customer for over 2 hours over all the options available taking into account what his father might enjoy. Finally the customer chose a weekend stay at the Oberoi Mumbai and a dinner at Dakshin. We also offered to organize flowers and a car pick up and drop for his parents. Both the son and the father were very pleased with the service and we were thrilled we could make it happen. Happy Customer, tick.

There are innumerable cases of customers asking for things for which we go out of our way and to tell you the truth, it gives us such incredible joy, satisfaction and sheer feeling of accomplishment when we can fulfill a customer’s wish.

So for all you people who want to send gifts to India and are looking for great options, look no further, because I assure you not only will the gift excite the receiver but the service will be top notch ;)

Next blog, funny customer stories, watch this space!

Happy gifting :)