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How to host a rocking party… Corporate event for clients & employees

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Organise Organise Organise !

You don’t need a big team of people to throw a fab party or corporate event, you only need a plan, major follow ups and a lot of hard work!

We recently organised an event for a client at the gorgeous Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund. This included a 2 day stay, group activities and 1 cocktail party & dinner. The event was a success and the guests are still posting comments on facebook!

Here’s the 5 steps on ‘How to organise a party to remember’.

1. Pick a great venue

There are lots of venues in Delhi NCR offering great service and prices. What you need is a venue which has it all and a team that has an eye for detail. We worked with several people at Taj Surajkund to make it happen. We had a contact for the room reservations, one for outdoor activites, one for the cocktail party and one who was overseeing the entire weekend event. You need to pick a venue which has a team that will go out of its way to get things done. This beats the pricing any day, because at the nth moment you may need something critical and you want to be sure your venue team can be relied upon.

The other point on venue is that you want a place which offers more than just a restaurant. If you are planning a weekend ensure that there are other things to do, it could be golf, or a spa or a major attraction.

2. Pick a theme and carry it through

If you are going to pick a theme for the event, don’t do it halfheartedly! Go all out! It must be in the first intimation of the party – i.e. ‘Save the Date’, then in the invites, in emails leading to the event, in the welcome pack, at the event itself, and even post event giveaways. You have to ensure everyone is aware of the theme and if they are to do something (like dress up etc.) then you need to follow up with each guest and ensure they are ready. Give ideas, send pictures… follow up follow up follow up. This is the only way your guests will make the effort and add to the party’s thematic ambiance!

3. Make it relevant

James Bond theme

If you are organizing group activities, make them relevant to the group! You cannot offer wine tasting to teetotalers! You cannot organize 100 mtr races to the aged. Make it relevant so that the group enjoys what they are doing. Most team building activities are to work on team engagement, trust, etc.

4. Event showstopper

I don’t mean a super model runway dress! I mean the one thing that you want guests to remember about the party. Be it part of the theme, or something they do – maybe dancing or a mystery game or karaoke or taking photos. Pick one and make it larger than life! We picked photos and hired Giggles Photography to run a ‘photo studio’ which was fun because all the guests came up and took turns in posing together as couples and groups. As the night progressed the photos got funnier too!

5. Closure with a bang

Just when they think it can’t get any better, roll out something which gives the grand finale! The big bang! This could be some prizes or a cake or a surprise hot air balloon ride! Make it big and keep them talking!

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