Pooja Lal

Mr. Modi – the real deal

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The last time we felt this type of excitement, albeit to a smaller extent, was when Aam Admi Party was campaigning in Delhi. This time the excitement is euphoric. Beyond compare. He has touched our hearts like no other leader in this country. He has brought tears with his amazing oratory skills. He has shown the world that he has arrived and he is here to stay. He is Mr. Narendra Modi, aka, NaMo.

So, how does this blog relate to gifting? It doesn’t. It does, however, relate to the fact that I am creating a business, creating employment, adding to the economy in a time when Modi is leading. I couldn’t be more happier or more excited. Two years ago I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to live in India. I didn’t think it was worth it. I always felt, why give to a country that doesn’t give back? I looked around at the mess, the bad roads, the poverty, the ‘chalta hai’ attitude, the corruption – and I thought why stay?

Today, my feelings are completely reversed. Today, I feel I HAVE to stay, I HAVE to give to my country, I HAVE to be a part of that change, that movement which NaMo has begun. He says ‘Make in India’, I will. I will support local brands, local businesses. I will support the poor population. I will fight corruption, challenge the norm, stand up for my people. Only because, NaMo has instigated these feelings. He has brought this nation together like no other PM has.

So, Mr. Modi, thank you. We are yet to see the results, but the start has been tremendous and we cannot wait for the change.