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New ventures, new beginnings, new life……..

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Well not a completely new life, my husband is old ;)

My name is Pooja Lal and I LOVE change.

In college I would often change the furniture in my room around… ‘just like that’…’just for a change’.. I do the same here too, in my home in Gurgaon. My domestic help is now quite used to it; I can almost hear them say ‘there she goes again’! Change brings a new perspective to life. Change makes you experience an ‘old thing’ in a ‘new way’. Whether it’s your hairstyle, or your city, or your furniture, change keeps it interesting…!

Change 1: July 17, 2009 at 10.25am.

My Darling Simkoo

Enter Simran Lal. My darling daughter and the LOVE of my LIFE. I want nothing more now. After I had Simran I felt like that’s it, I have achieved all I had wanted to; I have produced the most beautiful thing in the whole world. It was a feeling of sheer joy and happiness. Yes, all mothers/parents feel the same way, and I’m so happy I’m part of that club. Simran keeps us on our toes 24/7, she keeps us entertained, she gives us love, makes us laugh, makes us cry, and makes us feel complete.

Simran, two and a half adorable years old, has recently started going to school too, so there has been a drastic change in my routine. Wake up at 6am … get her ready… drop her… go to work..pick her up at 12.30pm… drop her back home… etc. etc. We now focus more on her mental growth too.. what kind of books is she reading, what kind of TV is she watching, are we conversing with her enough, is she learning, is she absorbing new information all the time… (the poor thing). The biggest worry for every mother, is she eating right? This I doubt will change throughout motherhood!

Change 2: November 16, 2009 at an unearthly hour

Move from Sydney to Gurgaon. Wow. Now that was some change!

Gorgeous Sydney!

You would think moving from Australia to anywhere with a 2 month old baby would be tough enough… and we picked India! Well what can I say, I love adventure ;) No, actually this is one change I wasn’t completely looking forward to; I never thought I would ever move back to India, let alone Delhi. I left India when I was 15 and have been overseas ever since. Anyway, a business opportunity came up and my husband and I thought it would be wise to give it a shot. I was on a yearlong maternity leave from my fantastic job in Sydney (had Harbour Bridge views from my office) so I didn’t mind the move to India during this time; I could use the help with my little one.
A year went by and we started enjoying living here. I especially loved the idea of waking up to a cup of tea, all meals were sorted, Simran was well looked after, laundry and groceries were taken care of, I didn’t have to drive anywhere, we could party when we wanted and not care about anything at all. This is India and I’m lovin it ;)
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my Sydney though… yes, my Sydney. Was only there for a few years but I enjoyed every single minute of it. Sidd and I had some amazing times together with our family and friends. More on this in another post :)

Watch this space for the most exciting change of all… my new business.