Pooja Lal

No, we don’t offer crockery or silver coins!

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Why are companies hung up on giving their employees and clients things they already have?! Do you really want another crystal piece with an ugly logo engraved in it? Or a digital photo frame? or the 5th toaster?

Why can’t businesses wake up and smell the change in gifting?! People aren’t interested in the ‘branded items’ that they have been receiving for the last two decades! They want something better, they want a change, they want something they will actually enjoy!

Don’t you want your employees to talk about their gift? Don’t you want them to tell all their friends what their employer gave them this year? Don’t you want your clients to actually enjoy the gift instead of palming it off to someone else? Do you really think people showcase your company branded gifts in their homes like show pieces??! Don’t you realise that nowadays everyone has a ‘gift closet’ with unwanted gifts which are simply re-cycled to family, friends, colleagues, drivers, maids, guards and others?!

So, I urge you, please don’t do the usual anymore. Please have a look at experiential gifting. Corporate gifts in India are taking a turn towards ‘experiences’ – look at a nice spa experience or an adventure experience – you will be surprised at the reaction and also how long the recipient will remember the experience. TOTAL PAISA VASOOL.

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