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The Final Countdown…. !

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My business partner is itching to launch our website and I’m trying to delay it as much as possible. Why? Well it’s like you have spent months creating this beautiful thing and now you have to let it go into the outside world for everyone to see and experience. The anxiety, stress, apprehension, nervousness and sheer excitement is difficult to bear! All I’m thinking is “Will people like it?”, “Did I cover everything?”, “Are there any mistakes?”, “How will it all play out?” etc. etc.

The partnerships are in place, the website is looking good, the packaging is ready, the payment gateway is operational, the courier service is set up and all in all we are good to go! But I’m so nervous! I’ve got butterflies and every day I tell the team, let’s go live tomorrow!

Although not yet officially launched, the site is live for testing at the moment and the best part, we’ve already got a couple of orders! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the sales order system! I yelled out in the office “A stranger has bought an experience! A stranger!!” The reason I emphasized ‘stranger’ is because my darling father was the first to make a purchase and soon after my ‘super mom’ cousin sis bought a beautiful photography experience for her gorgeous babies :) When a stranger came to my site and actually bought a dining experience was an amazing feeling! Apart from this we had an enquiry about our cooking experiences and a request from a fitness partner to sign up too!


We’re processing these orders, fixing minor issues on the site, uploading new content and constantly looking at ways to make the customer experience a delightful one!

So, dear readers, the countdown has begun! Come 17th July and we will be open for business! I picked the 17th as it’s my daughter’s birthday and what better day to launch my second baby into this big beautiful world!

17th July – Save this date! Oh, butterflies…….!