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Since we launched in July last year, we have received numerous comments, testimonials and feedback from our customers – both gift senders and gift recipients. We are grateful that people take the time to send us their feedback! It only gives us the motivation to serve the next customer even better!

Here are some snippets.. (Full names have been omitted for privacy)

“I want to give you and your company a 5 Star rating for follow up and getting my experience voucher exchanged. I shared about your service with my son & he appreciated the efforts. I must say you have sorted it the way my son would have done it.” — Mrs J, UK (GIFT- Culinary Break at ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad)

“Yayyy.. Awesome!!! I am super exited to hear from her now. Thanks a ton Sanjay!” Ms. M, Patialia (GIFT – Cupcakes, New Delhi)

“I truly appreciate you/Delightgifts mailing the voucher to my father to make sure he gets it on his birthday – even without having received the payment. Thank you so much for that.” Ms. A, United States (GIFT – Single Malt Tasting Experience, New Delhi)

“Also would like to appreciate your patience & efforts and assure more business in future.”  Mr. M, New Delhi (GIFT – Holiday at Neemrana Fort Palace, Rajasthan)

“I am impressed with your efforts to ensure not only she receives voucher but also enjoys dining. Wonderful!”  Mr. G, Mumbai (GIFT – Dining Voucher for Smoke House Room, New Delhi)


Our core team is pretty amazing and I am very lucky that I work with these guys! Here is a little something on each of them…!

Our Back Bone – SANJAY

Role – All things operational & Customer Care or as Sanjay puts it ‘Concierge Service’ – there is a difference!

Attitude – “Anything is possible”. Has the knack of developing a ‘beautiful friendship’ with most of our customers! On chat he attracts the strangest of requests… better left unsaid. He is able to build a relationship in a very short time and going by the chats he has an amazing amount of patience even with the slowest of the lot!!

Works best – Once everyone has left!

Our ROCKET – Navjyot

Role – On most days, signing up new partners – on other days, stocking our chocolates, cakes, muffins, and also eating some!

Attitude – Rocket is like a permanently fused socket… he looks for Tokyo in London and vice verse.  He blurts out first then start thinking… but is a self proclaimed genius.

Works best – With Orange cream biscuits


Role – The guy who gets us some crazy gift ideas!

Attitude – “Lets make it happen” as long as he can go to Jim Corbett National Park twice a month.

Works best – With some adventure, wildlife or nature holiday in the horizon!

Our CHAIRMAN – Siddharth

Role – The Big Daddy

Attitude – “That’s all you’ve done??” — Over achiever.

Works best – With piles of data on SEO (Google ranking stuff).

A LOT of our other functions are outsourced to a sister company…


The point is that we have a fun and crazy team but we are there for a each other – whether its a big order or a weird one – we all pull in and get the job done!

Well, hope you enjoyed the read – if you want to support this group do visit www.delightgifts.in and buy something!