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Working Mother to New Age Business Owner!

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People say ‘hey it’s a short life’ as a justification of doing almost anything out of the ordinary or things they shouldn’t be doing like having that extra slice of chocolate cake or buying a new pair of shoes!

We go through so much in the span of 80-90 years right from school, college, marriage, kids, their school, their college, their marriages, their kids etc. etc. Not to mention the struggles of your career, family, relationships, keeping a house in order, maids, water shortage, electricity shortage, corruption, inefficiency, bad roads, even worse traffic… the list goes on. So much happens in a person’s life, most of it is unwanted. Why couldn’t we just be ‘bindaas’, just do whatever we want, go wherever we want, splurge on things, travel, eat fabulous food, party all night; all this with zero responsibilities.

Aah! What a life! People are right, it is a short life. With all the daily struggles we owe it to ourselves to do something, at least one thing in our lives the way we want. So I decided that I will make a change to the one thing which is completely in my control, my career.

The Guilt

I spent over 12 years working with large multinationals in Dubai, Sydney and Gurgaon in the banking industry. I travelled to new places, met new people and achieved some big things in my professional life. I was on a roll until about July 2009 (see Change 1 in previous blog). Once my sweetheart Simran came into my life, everything changed – and for the better!

We all know, once the baby comes, things change, priorities change and a woman goes through so much turmoil in her mind and heart. How do I manage my work? How do I manage my home? Who will look after my baby? Should I stay at home? Should I give up all that I’ve worked for? Am I doing the right thing? And let’s not forget the ‘GUILT’, my goodness the guilt. I think every woman who has gone through this should get the Padma Bhushan for getting through it and still waking up the next morning with a big smile.

Women are the perfect multi-taskers, not just in terms of doing multiple things at one time (that’s the easy part); I’m talking about thinking ahead, planning, constantly organising in our head! – ‘I have to do this.. and then she will do that… then when he comes home he needs this.. the driver needs to go there.. the electrician needs to fix that… the dhobi is double counting…. His mother said this… how do I deal with that… need to buy a gift for friend’s baby… people coming home for dinner… need to do my eyebrows… order new chequebook…exercise…nappies have finished….keep a track on investments….’. The list goes on and on and on and on. How does our brain handle all this? It’s just amazing.

But I digress; I thought since it is a short life and I am anyway doing twenty thousand things I don’t really want to, let me do ONE thing I REALLLLY want to do!

So, I quit my job and decided to start my own business. I now spend more time doing things I want to do rather than what other people want me to do. I plan my day the best way I can keeping in mind I spend time with my little angel. The flexibility is superb, I am a happier person and there is no more guilt! (Of course I only recommend this to women who don’t mind taking a risk and have financial stability at home.)

Best of both worlds!

So, with resignation in hand and the thought of a new happy future career on my own terms, I took this big bold step and I haven’t regretted it since!

I love my new life. I absolutely LOVE it.

Watch this space for the ups and downs in setting up an ecommerce business in India! The fun & excitement begins… ;)