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5 Ways to make your sister feel even more gorgeous this Rakhi

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Rakhi is a celebration of the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. The Rakhi is tied by the sister to ensure protection by the brother and in return the brother usually gives some gifts. One of the best Rakhi gifts you can give to your sister is to make her glow with happiness by enhancing her beauty.

Here are five wonderful, proven beauty enhancing experiences you can present your sister with and make her Rakhi a magnificently memorable one:

1 Facials: A facial, is a procedure involving a plethora of skin treatments ranging from steam to exfoliation and extraction of impediments using lotions, potions, peels and creams. These bring about that beautiful body glow and sheen usually shown by actresses and beauty queens. There are various renowned spas that we are tied up with, each offering their own formulations and treatments for dull skin, dry skin and oily skin – why not ask her to check out and choose from the range from Aresa Spa, Four Fountains Spa, Crème Spa, Blue Terra Spa or Oz Spa and book the spa or facial experience for Rakhi today?  It’s an experience that she will thank you for, forever.

2.Body scrub: This is another blissful experience to make your sister’s skin refreshed, cleansed and glowing and includes an aroma therapy massage to soothe tired and aching muscles and revitalize dull lifeless skin. It also helps in giving restful night sleep and re-energizes body for the day ahead. A tailor made purifying and cleansing mask wraps it all up; to give your sister a face that certainly would have launched a thousand ships. This world class, Urban Relaxation Body Scrub is available at the Levo Spalon, Gurgaon and certainly worth gifting to your sister.

3 Swedish and Balinese massage gift vouchers can be brought through our site and can be availed of at Crème Spa among others. The Balinese massage is a very traditional Indonesian one, wherein gentle short strokes and acupressure techniques is applied to stimulate the blood oxygen flow and the ‘gi’ (or energy) around the body to bring a state of deep calm and relaxation. It also helps in management of joint pains and migraines in a non invasive and gentle technique. The Swedish massage is generally oil based to lubricate the skin tissue and relieve tensions and strains by relaxing stiff muscles through long and firm strokes.

It can be gentle or vigorous depending on your choice and works both on physical and psychological levels to invigorate the muscle areas needing to be relaxed from their ‘knots’ to alleviate mental stress while holistically soothing the soul. VLCC too offers a full body relaxing massage while the Four Fountain Spa offers renowned ayurvedic massages.  Go ahead; ask your sister her personal preference so that we can reserve the spot early for her.

4 Pedicures, manicures and foot refloxology is necessary to complete the picture of beauty from head to toe. VLCC, Toni & Guy, Creme Spa all offer the entire gamut of manicures and pedicures done to perfection. They believe in making the wellness of hands and feet should be a fine art and science combined. Get that regular, aroma, or AHA therapy to correct those fragile tips, split nails and scaly cuticles for your dear sister. Their hair re bonding therapy is world class treatment for unruly wavy hair and brings back that glossy and satin smooth looks to her hair. Ask her to go for it! We are always there to delight her.

5 Complete Spa days and weekends are a great way to really pamper your sister! ITC Hotels and Oberoi Hotels offer fabulous day and weekend offers where you can enjoy relaxing spa treatments and the hotel room with all its luxuries.

Our Salon & Spa partners include Aresa Spa, Blue Terra Spa, Creme Spa, Four Fountain Spa, Happpy Feet, Levo Spalon, O2 Spa, Toni & Guy and VLCC!

Rakshabandhan is a time to let your sister revel in her own graceful glory. Pamper her beauty through our spellbinding experiences and make her look gorgeous. Need we tell you anymore?

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