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Revealed: The Secrets of Eid Gifting

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The countdown to Id-ul-Azha or Bakr-id has begun.  The Haji Saabs have returned, you have said your prayers to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s (Peace be upon him) great sacrifice, and now it is time to go shopping for gifts for Eid.

Have you ever thought of gifting experiences, secretly?  ‘Secret Eidi’ or ‘Secret Imam’ is the latest trend nowadays, and has become a major hit worldwide.

Here is how it works!

  • Ask all your family members, friends and whoever wants to participate to write their names along with their own gift wish list on a paper slip, fold it and place it in a cardboard box.
  • Set a price limit so that the gift value can be affordable to all.
  • Ask each one to pick a slip;
  • Whoever picks somebody else’s name has to gift that person secretly, so that he or she will not realize who is gifting him or her.

This sort of anonymous gifting is bound to keep your mind guessing as to what you will receive, and from whom. You will also know what sort of gift to give and whom, secretly. Just in case your families and friends live in different parts of the country, ask someone to volunteer and collect all the email addresses and assign random people to each other( secretly of course) or you could ask our ever willing Concierge services to assign them, and we would delighted to send the Gift experience vouchers to the recipients online!

The biggest secret of this type of anonymous gifting is the surprise element, and best of all, by setting the price limit it makes perfect economic sense. Now, for the actual gifts you do not actually have to gift something physical. You can use Delight Gift’s gift vouchers. Food lovers’ can be given a fantastic gourmet dining experiences at the best of restaurants in their own city, for sports lovers there is gym classes, golfing classes and martial arts classes, those want to rise high can be gifted Hot air ballooning experiences, the list is endless. As for the women who want to look as beautiful as Noor Jahan, there are some fabulous Spa and Salon packages too!

If this novel idea of secret Eid gifting takes, you fancy, why not try it out now and see what happens when you spread some happiness through gifting experiences. We promise to keep delighting you always.

Wishing you a very happy Eid!