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Father’s Day: Gifting the much revered

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What began as a corollary to Mother’s Day after it gained momentum, people wanted to celebrate male parenting as well, because in those days (and today) most fathers, were the breadwinners and the guardians of the family. The acclaim for initiating Father’s Day goes to Sonora Dodd, who once while attending a sermon about Mother’s Day, in 1909, asked the Pastor about a similar celebration for Fathers. Her father was a civil war veteran who single handedly raised six children. In the beginning there was strong opposition as many people thought that it was an attempt to by merchants capitalize and commercialize on such a solemn occasion. The first celebration was held in Spokane, Washington YMCA on June 19, 1910, with very few attendants. Sonora too, moved on to study at the Art Institute of Chicago and the celebrations moved on to obscurity.

Although Father’s Day was the butt of many jokes and sarcasm, Sonora’s iron will never faltered, when she came back to Spokane in 1930, she restarted the celebration, and by 1938, she had the help of the Father’s Day Council, founded by the New York Associated Men’s Wear. She asked manufacturers to produce gifts like ties, tobacco pipes, and any traditional present to fathers to propagate Father’s Day. It was only in 1972 that the 3’rd Sunday of every June was made a permanent national holiday when US president Richard Nixon signed it into law. Today, many countries have their Father’s Day under different names and dates. The fundamental idea behind celebrating this day is to strengthen the parental bond and inspire children to pay reverence to their fathers.

In India, a father is a revered person who lives the hearts and mind of his progeny forever. It’s one of the unshakable ties that bind Father and sons, Father and daughters in an emotional bondage of love, care and unending happiness. Sons and daughters use it as mark of respect for bringing them into life, on the 3rd Sunday of every June. Although there is no gala fete about it –it is solemn declaration of everlasting love and gratitude from sons and daughters to their father. Children try to present their fathers with something he likes, be it a simple monogrammed pen set, or cuff links or even a new suit. But then again, times are changing at a hectic pace, so most people no longer gift their parents with merely physical things. They gift fathers with an experience an experience that is symbolic of the love and attachment. Today, children can gift their beloved fathers with gourmet meals at fancy restaurants, a stay at a famous sea side or beach side resort, courses in golf, tennis, photography or even paragliding. So, if you remember the day when your father held you by his hands and took you to the fair, shared that ice cream with you, celebrated your birthday with so much love and affection and even helped you with your homework with a smile, its time you repaid him an experience that will remembered by him forever, after all he deserves a little love from you for all that pampering and affection he unconditionally showered upon you. Check out our fathers day gifts!

My father has been one of the most special influences in my life. I don’t think I’ve made any decision or taken any important step without first knowing what my father thought of it. His advice has always been the best and most practical. He has spoilt my sister and I like no other and we will always appreciate the sacrifices he has made for our happiness. Dad, we love you and you will always be the person we admire and respect the most.

Like they say, no matter how tall you grow, you will always look up to your papa.

Happy Father’s Day!