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My childhood memories and my dear dear friends!

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My earliest memory of a friend is in Chennai when I was 4 years old. Our neighbour’s children, 2 girls Farida and Zainab, my sister and I enjoyed playing with them in our garden which had an old style swing on the trees. I have memories of going to the beach with them as well and also of playing with them in their home. :)

After Chennai I have lots of memories of my friends in Mumbai where we spent 5 wonderful years! I am still in touch with some of these friends (thanks to Facebook!) and it feels wonderful to know how we have all turned out! I remember my school friends Mallika and Aarti who would come home from school once in a while. I remember our ‘building friends’, Rustam & Jamshed – 2 Parsi brothers, Ashish – Rustam’s best friend and Anahita. We had a building fashion show and concert once and I remember how the older kids Binita and Maya put make up on us and choreographed the entire event! Anahita and I even performed our own version of Indian classical dance! I remember we used to play hide & seek and explore the few gardens in our building compound. I remember the wonderful birthdays we would have with those 80s styled balloons, chutney sandwiches, wafers and home made cake. The good old days!

The clearer memories I have and cherish are those in Bangalore where my sister and I did the actual ‘growing up’ and spent our early teens with our compound friends Anahita and Shruti. The four of us were a gang and we were extremely close. We did everything together. We even started our own club called PASP Club and got some stationery printed at a local printer (Gangu printers who happened to have a little shed outside our compound!!). We organised events in our compound, we learnt how to swim together, we learnt how to play table tennis, bought our BSA SLR cycles together, got our funky haircuts together and most importantly we learnt about boys! We all had our ‘first crush’ moments during these years! We also screamed our lungs out when we saw the first video of The New Kids on The Block (which my father got for us from a trip abroad). We each had our favourite ‘new kid’ – mine was Danny! MTV was also very new and we were glued to it the first few weeks! All in all we had a blast and I think these experiences make up a big part of who we are today.

Childhood memories of your friends will always bring a smile to your face – so if you are in touch with them, let them know you are thinking of them, remind them of a funny incident from those days and see the joy you will bring to them and yourself!

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Like they say, LIFE’S TOO DAMN SHORT, so Celebrate Every SINGLE Moment!