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Gift certificates: Solving the riddles of multiple gifting

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Sometimes, choosing the correct gifts can get a bit perplexing, especially when there are thousands of gifts to choose from and many people to gift. Simply put, look at when you have to give return gifts during a birthday. Give them all the same chocolates? A birthday is full of sweets and chocolates anyway, so isn’t that a bit of overdose? You can’t even give them individualized gifts as some may get more and some, less. The answer is rather simple really- let them choose their own gifts. Gift them all with a gift certificate.  The problem gets solved automatically. You don’t have to think hard on what to gift them, and they pick their own gifts and experiences according to their own choice. Thus, whether he or she wants to go out for a fine dining experience, go paintballing or ice skating or even enjoy a hot air balloon ride, let them do so at their own will.

These online gift cards are available in multiples of Rs 500/- so that it’s not even too taxing on your pocket.  The price range too, is structured from Rs 250/-onwards on the price section of the site, to help make choices easier. Suppose your sales charts have hit the roof and you want reward all your staff members.  It may become a bit irksome as you can’t even decide for an impromptu getaway session all of a sudden, as many staff members may have their own schedules, after office hours. Here’s where the gift cards   become immensely handy. Just buy the gift cards and distribute to your staff members. You can mail them too. Our concierge services will be delighted to mail your personnel individually, and at different denominations if you so desire. They will be surprised and happy too as they can use their gift card for their own choice of gifts and use them at their leisure time. There are plenty of gifts to choose from according to needs, from fabulous spas and facials for women to keep them looking forever youthful; to high adventure sports like kite boarding, windsurfing and golf lessons for men. There are some fantastic romantic hotel getaways and dining experiences too if that’s what they would like to enjoy. These gift cards from Delight Gifts are valid for 12 months, so that they have ample time to pick their own delight.

These gift cards can be sent individually as birthday presents or for some special occasions like for congratulating your loved ones for having passed an exam, marriage or engagements, solving the riddle of presenting them something with what they would like.  This also does away the problems of them receiving the same gifts from various people.  These gift certificates are valid all over India, so you needn’t worry if you have to send somebody something deep in your village; once they make their choice, the gift (if it’s a physical gift) will be couriered to them. As for dining experiences or spa experiences or even say Hotel getaways, they can always redeem the gift certificates the next time they are in the nearest cities.  So don’t wait till you get an idea about what to gift others, send them a gift certificate and let them celebrate life as they like it!  And, they are sure to remember you for your thoughtfulness too.