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My first Karva Chauth…. Oh what an experience!

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The first Karva Chauth is always so exciting! You are newlyweds and fasting for the man of your dreams is such a wonderful thing to do (ehm…yeah sure). Some devoted ladies wear their ‘chuda’ till their first karva chauth as well! Punjabis have so many rituals and customs and more often than not they tend to take things to levels beyond anyone’s comprehension! I can say that because I am Punjabi and I’ve seen it! I have seen ladies watch the Indian ‘saas bahu’ serials and mimick those rituals and ceremonies in their homes with their families! Hey all good with me – as long as it involves holidays, laughter and lots of yummy food :)

My Karva Chauth was done in Sydney style! It was a normal working day with no sign of any Karva Chauth festivities! The night before we got calls from India reminding me to eat before sunrise in preparation for the big fast the next day. So, like a good girl, I set the alarm for 20 minutes before sunrise so that I could grab something to eat and go back to bed.

Not sure if the alarm went off, but my body clock woke me up about 30 seconds before sunrise! I dashed to the fridge in my sleepy state and grabbed the first carbohydrate I could find – back to basics, sliced white bread! No matti, laddoos and parathas for me L I gobbled down about 3 slices in those 20 seconds and a large pint of water with my eyes closed (so as to not see the sunlight through our windows!). The day went by quite uneventful and I only felt hunger pangs in the early evening when I had my cup of tea (which I was allowed thanks to my darling husband!).

That night was our BBC night at our dear friend’s house. BBC stands for Begum Badshah Club for all teen patti lovers! Six couples got together to play cards once a month. It was always fun playing cards over a few beers and pizza! This night was different though.

I was in my traditional desi attire (sindoor and all) we arrived at our friend’s place hoping to see the moon either on the way or when we reached so that we could break the fast and get on with cards! The moon had different plans. Long story short, it was 11pm and all our friends were looking for the moon, through windows, binoculars, climbing the house roof, driving to other suburbs amongst other things! Nobody ate their dinner until we saw the moon and I broke my fast. And finally it was sighted! I took out my channi and thali and rushed to do the puja. After the puja we ate and ate and continued with our cards evening :)

I will always remember my first karva chauth because it was with close friends and they made it so very special. What an experience!

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