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For those who don’t know the Valentine’s Day story, here is a short version!

 When Roman emperor Claudius II Gothicus (268-270 AD) decreed that his soldiers should remain celibate, it   was Saint Valentine who got the soldiers married in secret. The emperor ordered his execution. It is said that just before he was to be executed he wrote a letter to his beloved signed ‘From your Valentine’; an expression that still remains in use today. Thus, Saint Valentine became one of the first in history to be martyred in the name of love. So this Valentine’s don’t get martyred for not sending the perfect gift of love.


At Delight Gifts we have been spending the last few days organizing beautiful gifts and experiences for people in India.. we are so thrilled to be sourcing and packaging these gifts for so many customers. Love is in the air and in our office we have muffins, chocolates, cupcakes, brownies, flowers and gift vouchers everywhere!

However, the best part of this whole gift sending experience has been reading the beautiful messages people write for their loved ones. We write each message by hand to give it that personal touch.

Here are some examples of messages which are funny, cute, romantic and some very unique!

“When you hold me with your arms, I realize the happiness I see in your eyes. Stay blessed, stay forever”

“For a nice, humble, honest, and intelligent person who is sweet too :-)

“Happy Valentines Day my Darlin’ Bestie !! Every BITE of these Cupcake is entrenched in my love, 

care & affection ……”

“Happy Valentines Day Ma! The World’s Best Mum. Wish I could be with you to spend this special day….If we could measure the Universe, that’s how much we love you…”

“Just indulge….you deserve it:)”

“i luv u 4m the bottom of my heart…u own a special place in my life…m always dere 4 u…ur wife…”

“Love You so so so much…. this is for the best valentine week till now…. muaaah..thanks for being there with me :)

 ”Sending these Sinful Dark Chocos exclusively for You to Devour :) Hope You Relish them as Much as I enjoyed Sending them Across.”

“My dear Valentine Have a fab valentine’s day….. Lots of love and kisses Yours,”

And our personal favourites!

“Sometimes it is hard to put feelings into words but I want you to know how you affect me. When I wake up and see you in the morning I am so happy that we are together that we are sharing our lives with one another I respect you I admire you I love you. My Dear Wife Happy Valentines Day!”

“You may b the only person to the world but You may also be a world to the person”

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate every moment …. with www.delightgifts.in