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Mothers Day… filled with treats, emotions and beautiful memories!

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Hot halwa, help with homework and heaps of hugs conjures memories of our Moms… right from the time my Nani was raising three children to my Mom raising two and to me raising one little brat!

Whether its 1960 or 2013, New Delhi or Sydney, by the book or by instinct, a Mother will always have their children as top priority. On several occasions I hear of mothers taking a back seat from whatever they enjoy doing to ensure their children are happy. The sacrifices made by a mother cannot be counted .. every day there is something sacrificed… be it a career or a nap or changing the TV channel, there is always a sacrifice. This is genetic maybe, this is not taught or explained when a woman is expecting her child.. it is inbuilt.

A mothers heart is so in sync with her child’s heart it often amazes me.. even to this day, my mother knows when something is wrong or if I need a hug. And the hugs are very special. In the same way, my Nani knows when my Mom needs a chat or any words of reassurance or even a simple ‘Don’t worry, everything will be ok’…sometimes that’s all it takes.

Some of us also constantly look for our Mother’s approval.. it is so ingrained in our mental make up that in every decision we take we always think ‘Will Mom be ok with this?’… I do this even when I go shopping! And you know the minute you have done something your Mom won’t approve of, it will eat you up till  you can’t bear it anymore! Been there, done that.

As our mothers grow older, the relationship almost reverses… they need taking care of and in most cases the children know better. For a child it is the biggest achievement to be able to care for their parents, it gives a great sense of satisfaction or repaying the debts if you will. But it comes with such love that you have to go through the emotion to understand the feeling.

But as they say, whatever the age, Mother knows best. She will still worry if you’ve eaten well, if you are financially secure, if you have a happy marriage, if your health is on track etc. etc. The worry never ends and it keeps the relationship going.
Here’s to all mothers, thanking you is not enough, spending time with you would probably be more appreciated. So here’s a message to children everywhere, spend some time with your Mom on Sunday, take her out to lunch or a movie or a yoga class. Talk to her, make her feel special, because after all these years of raising you and worrying about you, she deserves many such Sundays of your undivided attention.
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