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A new dawn awakens in gifting

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Delight Gifts

Guess what I just heard? Delight Gifts is really bringing about a phenomenal change in the art of gifting. They have made the mere physical items almost become passé. True, they would never be able to club a bouquet of flowers as something merely physical, but it has become more of an experience rather than something that you have to keep for display on your mantle piece or in the vase.  Boxes full of goodies and unending arrays of knick knacks add more clutter to our already cluttered lives and homes.

Do we really need to gift more clutter?  More photo frames, mugs, vases, toys, gadgets, appliances, kitchen ware, wall clocks…haven’t we been through enough already? Most of these are usually stored in the attic or given away as exchange gifts- so the emotional value or attachment we are thinking about in a gift is probably just in our minds.

Gifting today is all about being together and having a wonderful experience together rather than hanging up our socks and awaiting Santa Claus to deliver. It’s time to simplify it even more by making gifting an unforgettable experience and sharing the joy with our family and friends.

So imagine gifting your parents a meal for two in a fancy gourmet restaurant on their anniversary, its sure to bring about some lip smacking joy. Your cousin is the adventurous type – so imagine how thrilled he would be if you sent him along with his best friend off for camping and fishing on his birthday? It’s sure to make it a memorable weekend for them, especially when they come back to you with a photo of the fish they caught.

Now there’s that niece or sister of yours whom you always adored – how about gifting them a visit to the spa or a salon to make them glow with radiance and joy and assure them that  you really love them. It doesn’t even need to be tied to be an occasion.

Your uncle was always an avid tennis fan – what if you gave him gift of tennis classes? Or that friend of yours who is always taking photographs; what if you gifted him with a week long course in photography conducted by experts? Wouldn’t they be enthralled?

These are just some of things that Delight Gifts has in store. Just to make sure your gift recipients get an experience that they remember you by.

Me? I have gifted myself a course in paragliding -with my partner in crime ;)

What about you?