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The changing face of Rakhi for NRIs: Gifting in the ‘E’ era.

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Long, long time ago, in the book of Gods, Draupadi wife of the Pandavas tore a piece of her sari and tied it as a battlefield dressing to the injured wrist of Lord Krishna during the epic Mahabharata war.  Even though Lord Krishna was not related to her, he was touched by this devotion and declared her as a sister and granted her his everlasting protection.  This occurred on the full moon during the month of Shravan, making it a starting point for Rakshbandhan.


A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then. In the beginning, water from the seven seas and other geographical boundaries separated the NRI from his or her brothers and sisters, making exchange of Rakhi gifts a monumental task. It had to be packed and parceled, shipped overseas and then finally, it was the postman’s call to deliver. This could take months to plan and get delivered! Even simple phone calls (called trunk calls then) were enormously expensive and unreliable- one could get cut off or have cross connections as soon as a conversation had begun!

Cut back to today’s world. Long distance telephony is far cheaper so you can talk for long, or even have a face to face talk over Skype and Facetime for free! Welcome to our world of e commerce!  We take delight in making all your visions to sending Rakhi gifts to India come true! Making exchange of Rakhi gifts almost child’s play due to the advent of evolutionary technology. We are zealously dedicated to ensure your rakhi gifts reach on time. And, we don’t just send gifts; we help in sending total experiences. Wherever you are located overseas, all you need to do is go through our gifting portal and choose the gifts you want send to India.

For your sister, pick the Rakhis from our wide selection along with it; send her the experience of beautifying herself in a world class spa or salon now available in most major cities of India. You could send her music learning classes from the fabled Fenders academy. You could also send her Salsa learning classes if she ever showed interest in dancing! There are art classes and photography classes too in our experience range. Check out some interesting Rakhi gifts for sister here!

As for your beloved brother, you can send him off for fantastic adventure experiences like flying a microlight plane in Bangalore over even let him go scuba diving off the coast of Goa! There are fabulous fine dining experiences at the five star hotels across India available too, so you can even gift him a gourmet meal of his choice (do remember that traditionally, Rakshabandhan came with feasting attached).   There is some famous Indian, frontier or continental restaurants to choose from. Have a look at our Rakhi gifts for brother here!

And, by chance you have by error forgotten about Rakhi altogether, there’s no need to despair. You can just have any of the gift experiences e-mailed to your brothers and sisters. All experience vouchers and gift certificates are valid for twelve whole months and can be exchanged as well.

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