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Here’s to our fabulous teachers!

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I absolutely loved all the schools I went to – don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go to many schools because I got kicked out! I went to a few schools since my Dad’s work took us to a few different cities.

My first memory of school was when I was 4 years old in Rosary Matriculation in Chennai (then known as Madras). It was Children’s Day and I was dressed up as Nehru in a white kurta pyjama and a red rose in my button hole. I was the star of the show and I loved every second of it! Unfortunately I was too young so I don’t remember my teachers specifically but I’m sure they had a lot to do with my happiness quotient!

After Chennai we moved to Mumbai and my sister and I joined Greenlawns School which was located at Worli Seaface. This was a massive house converted into a school and quite close by to our home. We went to this school for about 4 years and developed our first friendships there – friends I am still in touch with (thanks to facebook!). I remember our School Principal clearly who was an old Parsi lady in knee length skirts and long sleeved polyester shirts. You could hear her heels in the corridor and you knew she meant business when she walked into your classroom! My sister has memories of her class teacher Ms. Gloria who loved her to bits!

We then moved to Bangalore where I had the loveliest teachers in our school Aditi (now known as MAIS). I loved going to school because it was a fun, relaxed and interesting place. I learned so much from my teachers there – not just the text book stuff, my teachers really shaped my personality and groomed me for the outside world. Thank you, Mrs. Warrior, Mrs. Geeta Narayan, Mr. J, Mrs. Jyoti Thyagarajan, Mrs. Kini, Mrs. Raja and of course my teacher from my junior years, Mrs. Koshy. I will always remember you and thank you for making me the person I am today.

My final school destination was Modern High School in Dubai. Here I finished up my schooling and my teachers helped me understand what I may want to do with my future. Teachers like Mrs. Murthy developed my love for Economics, Mrs. Iyengar brought finesse in my demeanour, Mr. Shastri and Mr. Sinha made subjects like Accounts and Commerce fun! And of course we had the most memorable Mr. Job who was our basketball coach who brought humour in everything and truly believed that Malayalam should be an international business language!

Every teacher has added something special to my life and I am so grateful for it. So I say let’s raise a toast to our teachers and thank them for what they do day in and out. They are moulding the next generation and it is truly a tough job. If you really want to treat your teachers give them an experience gift they will always remember  - www.delightgifts.in. Especially if you don’t live in the same city or want to send gifts to India such as flowers or chocolates or delicious brownies – go online and leave the rest to the team at Delight Gifts.

Here’s to our fabulous teachers!