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The Most Expensive Rakhis Ever Sold!

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I was in the market the other day with my 4 year old daughter looking for some funky rakhis for my nephews and I came across some amazing stuff! I saw some with Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman images on them – some had Disney characters – some glowed in the dark – and some had light with music! I thought back to when I was a kid and Rakhis were in comparison quite boring!

It then got me thinking, if Rakhis for kids can be so imaginative what about Rakhis for older brothers? How far do people go? Here’s our research! Unbelievable but true

So here goes, hold on to your chairs! In Surat, diamond Rakhis worth over Rs 2.5 crore were sold in 2010.  According to news reports, despite a massive increase in gold and diamond prices since then, traders in Surat are optimistic about breaking this record! “Selling diamond rakhi is not like any other retail shop business. We have a number of varieties in our show room. However, rakhis are made as per the requirement of a customer,” explains Pravin Nanavati, of She Jewels who introduced diamond rakhis in the market.

True, Surat is the world’s largest diamond cutting, polishing crafting center and has exports run into billions of dollars. And of course these gems of diamond studded made to order Rakhis can be turned into a pendant, gold chain or bracelet. Sisters often gifted their brothers easily worth Rs 75 thousand then.

According to Business Insider Australia the most expensive diamond rakhi was priced at $7000 (about Rs 6 lakhs) in 2010.

But then that was then, a Hindustan Times report says the most expensive Rakhis nowadays can easily be priced in the Rs 50 lakhs range. “Last year, we made rakhis priced at Rs. 3 lakh, and sold five pieces. This year we wanted to extend the range, so, we came up with the Rs. 50 lakh rakhi,” quotes Rahul Gupta, director, PP jewelers, Delhi. That’s the price sisters have to pay nowadays as a bejeweled rakhi gifts for brother.

Today the Hindustan Times reports on the varities available this year in Delhi – ranging from customised handmade rakhis to swarovski rakhis and even gold plated and jewelled rakhis!

Nowadays, the advent of e-commerce has taken rakhi gifting to a global outreach. Rakhis are travelling worldwide. It’s become so easy to send rakhi gifts to India. Who knows, someday the festival may go viral and become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s already celebrated by more than a billion Indians anyway.

Sisters, remember, whether it is a Rs. 20 Rakhi or a Rs. 50,000 Rakhi, its the emotion that goes with the Rakhi which really truly matters. Send your brother an experience gift along with it and he will always remember!

So what are you thinking of sending as a gift to your brother or sister this year?   Have you ever thought of gifting an experience? We have loads and loads of rakhi gift experiences for sister, this Raksha bandhan. What’s more there’s a unique rakhi free with every experience purchased, plus a 5% discount too- just to make the mood more celebratory. Trust us to delight you always!

Happy Rakhi!