kite boardingIf you love extreme sports and that adrenalin rush while flying high we bring you an extreme adventure sport that is fast becoming a new rage. Yes, it means stretching your limit in windsurfing, paragliding and your gymnastic abilities all into one. And yes, it is all powered by the wind factor and your ability to conquer it, whether you are going up or down. There are different styles like course racing, wake style, free ride, downwinders and of course, free style. We have managed to get the best of inflatable kites and its accessories along with professional trainers to keep you ultra-safe as this is an extreme sport. As a matter of fact, we have acquired different types of kites that match your body weight. And to top it all, the course racing style has already officially declared as a sport for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Now, you can gift this experience to a potential Olympian.


  • FLEXIBILITY - Experience vouchers can be exchanged for other experiences of the same value or can be upgraded
  • ELEGANCE - Experience vouchers printed on hand made paper are sent in beautiful gift boxes with a personal message & chocolate
  • CONVENIENCE - Gift Concierge service books the experience so that all customers are treated as special guests

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