Invictus Wellness Management offers combat techniques for self-defense; Kick boxing and disciplines required for martial arts. Using most advanced techniques in workouts they give you, high-intensity workouts for well controlled punching and kicking movements and abilities while increasing your strength and flexibility. The discipline and skills required for martial arts - can help to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. Funrobics, a signature sports based aerobics program by Invictus, uses a unique combination of fitness, fun and cardio exercise for promoting wellness. These are game based exercises aimed at burning calories increasing mental agility and promoting team cohesion. Present the Invictus self defense gift certificates from Delight Gifts to your sons and daughters.


  • FLEXIBILITY - Experience vouchers can be exchanged for other experiences of the same value or can be upgraded
  • ELEGANCE - Experience vouchers printed on hand made paper are sent in beautiful gift boxes with a personal message & chocolate
  • CONVENIENCE - Gift Concierge service books the experience so that all customers are treated as special guests

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