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Learn Karate or Taekwondo! Delhi NCR

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Rs. 1,800

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Rs. 1,800
Icon 4 Personal training sessions for 1 hour each


Karate can be practiced as a sport, for self-defense or as a method for keeping fit. The sporting aspect allows people to test their karate skills against others in a safe and controlled environment. As a self defense system, karate teaches a set of techniques that can be applied in real-life situations. As a fitness activity, karate develops balance, co-ordination, flexibility, stamina and strength. Moreover, it challenges the brain and requires constant mental alertness and agility.

Taekwondo is a modern Korean martial art. The word taekwondo consists of three components: tae – 'to strike or break with foot'; kwon – 'to strike or break with fist'; and do which means 'the way of, or art'. Thus taekwondo is often translated as 'the art of kicking and punching'. Similar to other martial arts, taekwondo combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, meditation, and philosophy.



  • Gold Trainer provided for either one person or a couple for each Training session


  • At a location of your choice


Delhi NCR

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End Zone Fitness

Learn Karate or Taekwondo! Delhi NCR

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